Wk. 3- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford


Initially the class trip to SOA gallery was quite the exotic exposure. The art was displayed at Max. l. Gatov-East. The young artist name is Nick Bamford. The best way to contact Nick is through his Instagram @nickbamf4d. The first answer Nick gave the class captured my interest over the other artist. A class peer asked if any of his work had a title. He answered no, I was convinced that the dilemma had more meaning behind the art.

The talented artist first work was the hand sculpture. Made from cement, plaster, and stable clay senior from Huntington beach aimed for, “an idea of materialism”. In Nicks welcome essay he describes an,”undeniable urge to create with love and experimentation with created ready made objects”. All of the objects he used in his art he said was simply laying around. After getting a feel of the sculpture and the color of the texture, it felt like stucco molding. I enjoyed this sculpture mainly because as I stood in front of it I was amazed of the life he put into a sculpture with pieces of trash laying around.

After our conversation I connected his biggest motivation towards his own work. Pablo Picasso, in my opinion, was known for bringing life from objects. For example, shaping lamps into a bull or , simply making a life figure from odd shapes. Ten years into the art profession, I think its safe to say his thoughts on art is life. Making worthless scraps laying around into giant emotional symbols that represent a meaning of life. A theme that could be interpreted he transformed trash into life.

As I walked myself out I read Nicks letter posted on the wall. After reading the essay I had to meet the guy that wrote with so much compassion and love towards his work. To be honest his writing skills surpass mine by a mile and was moved by his compassion. It was until I arrived home that I read the picture of his essay on my phone, that I realized the relationship between Nick and Pablo Picasso. I never really put much thought into my own ideas or perceptions of art to the extent where life could be visible.  I have a picture of a bull figure made from lamps by Pablo Picasso and never until this day did I look into the life of the picture. It used to be just weird paintings to me. I am extremely  thankful for the opportunity and wish you the best with your masters at UCLA.



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