Wk.4-Artist Conversation-Jamie Strassenburg

During the second artist conversation Jamie had, in my opinion, the best art that was displayed. She held her art in Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. The work started back when  she was thirteen drawing in photoshop. Today Jamie is 25. At first I thought the work was too professional to be painted. She informed the crowd that it was all done in photoshop. The work grabbed my attention because of its color and well thought texture. Throughout the conversation I have  learned the ideas Jamie was exploring. She informed us that she admired the stories of the Gods. During her Native American class she learned of the triades and grew interested behind the meaning of the stories. She believed that the spirit live with us and expresses it through the drawings, as shown below.

The painting of the Gods, ultimately, are the key for her goals toward becoming a video game artist such as world of war craft. She displayed 8 drawings and all eight portrayed a dynamic duo behind the meaning and stories of the Gods. Most of her work is 2D, with that said her ideas revolve around a different perspective symbolizing the Gods from within.  The reason why I chose this canvas is because I can conclude my own reasoning behind this picture that shows a normal human exploiting the symbol of Gods inside each and every one of us.

In her artist statement she described to take into consideration in depth of each character. Numbers one through eight each had their own description behind the story.  From my perspective I visualized each one of her work as a symbol of the struggle within. On her website I gave below, she says are in depth information about the stories of each photo and titles for them. Ultimately, personally I can connect with this photo because I am only human but within me, I am hungry for success.

Jamie Strassenburg, illustrator
 Website: Jamiedraws.com Jamie Strassenburg, illustrator  Tag Merlino-Gallery 

Jaime Strassenburg   


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