Wk. 5- artist conversation- Peter MaCaulay etc.

Website : IG @JoshBenz & @Karren

Walking into the gallery I didn’t know what to expect. This time there was only one gallery that was open early  so the class can see. The quality of the work was amazing! There was a total of five artist that contributed to the art. The art was made if natural paint and patience.

After talking with the artist I concluded that the artist presentation symbolized the future. After discussion the artist informed us that they are big fans of meditation. With that said, they informed us that during the work they did not sleep. It took three weeks for the paintings to be completed. The idea they are trying to explore is a visual of the future.

They continued to say what inspired them which was a combination of paint and anime. I can relate this to how paint motivated me to see outside the box. For example the art displayed a couple flipping the channel between  their lives.  I enjoyed a particular picture more then other because it seemed as if the remote control was just an object that controlled their lives.

In conclusion, the art gallery allowed me to explore a timeline through art. The artist  was kind enough to walk us inside and explain the background of the work. The picture provided below is in my opinion the best of their work. As stated earlier the picture showed the future through a click of a button. I wish for my academic activity to include more outside the box like this activity.


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