Wk.6-Activity- Identity Art (Periscope)

Live ! :)  Live(:

Add me : andrez_ QOTD: Red is my favorite color and symbolizes confidence to me.

To begin with let me inform you guys that I am one the the 5 percent that does not have any sort of social media. So when the periscope activity arose I was a bit excited to be honest. Let me tell you Glenn, this thing rocks!!!!! I have never used Instagram until the day of the activity as well as Periscope. While I was browsing through periscope I simply fell in love with the infinite live entertainment that is being broadcasted all over the world. Not stressful at all but I can say I will admit this will ultimately take much of my free time like walking to class.  After reading the suggestions for Periscope I followed many classmates through your following lists. Thanks Glenn awesome fun activity! Its amazing to think I can sign in at any moment to see what people are doing GLOBALLY.


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