Wk.6-Artist Conversation- Dawn Derry & Anahid Stepanians

Artist: No Website

Website: None still looking into

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Initially I was surprised of the two artist being young at heart. Before the art displays there was was a paper that gave titles to all nine pieces of art. My favorite art work was by Dawn Derry and was made from oil and acrylic on canvas. In person the pictures are more then just color and images. As I touched the photo I could feel the roughness of the oil and acrylic as if it was an actual mountain. It is a painting of nature and memories.

After my conversation with the artists, there was a clear connection between their experiences and their artwork. Trips such as Sultan Sea and Vancouver has impacted into their artwork. They are thinking about memories, like climbing several mountains, and transfer their thoughts into the nature of their paintings. As time goes by I am certain that they will continue to have inspirations to continue in their art.

The formal nature of the work can relate to me and my experiences with nature as well. I never was interested in nature and never understood the beauty of it. The artist ideas to relive their memories as a,” point of view of surroundings through abstraction”can be resonated in my experiences as well. Thinking of a normal hike or sight seeing in a new state only for that time being is absurd. Instead I must absorb the nature within it and appreciate the beauty from a crack in a rock to the wind in the air.

I chose this picture because immediately it reminded me of sight seeing in San Francisco. During this time I had no care in the world for nature. The purple background reminded me of the clouded dark sky. The black mountain reminded me of the shore filled with algae being clashed by the strong currents. What Dawn and Anahid displayed was young mature minds that took not only the image but the perspective of connection to nature as a work of art.

My favorite piece of art!


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