Week.7-Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

link to artist Instagram: janemargaratte

Gallery: Gatov-West

Inspired by Marshall Raysci, Jane has decided to pursue her art of memories. From childhood memories and experiences growing up, she decided to highlight main things she wants to cherish in her life. Battling through several catastrophes she intentionally states that memories are fragile. Moreover the things she uses to connect to her pieces to other pieces are fragile. The picture I chose to insert in this post clearly satisfies this statement because the swing is made from ceramics, along with the main portion of her art work,  instead of its metal and rubber texture at the playground.

During the artist conversation she decided to give us a bit of personal information. Unfortunately she had a family member who passed away from Alzheimer’s. Sadly this person started loosing their mind, which advocated into Jane wanting to learn more about memory. It took her two months to create all her artwork. With a major in ceramics she wishes to explore all the precious moments in her life, and all the ideas unique memories can make.

Clearly some of Janes ideas resonate some of my own. Her ideas and perspective of memories can be universally shared. With a three year background with ceramics, it is conclusive that the “hard to explain tremendous anxiety that accompanies the realization that my childhood may not have been exactly as i remembered”, will establish you to cherish the memories that are true. In addition, in my case, I have no photos of me growing up. No photos of elementary or middle school graduations. When I close my eyes to think of it my mind goes blank However, the memories I do have at the Zoo with my family will forever be embedded in my memories.

In conclusion, Jane is, by far, the best artist I have encountered within Art 110. I wish you the best in graduate school for ceramics and wish to hear from you in the future. I was once told the best performance comes from experience. Everyone experience is different with different consequences. For example, my memories push me in my academics. The late nights of my mom worrying about me and brother and paying the bills just strikes my heart. I want to make better memories. Memories where my family is enjoying life, memories so I can feel accomplished.


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