Wk 7- Activity- Ephemeral Art(Snapchat)


As stated in other activities the only social media I have is Snapchat.  The activity was really cool I got the opportunity to meet new people through snapchat which was pretty funny. In the beginning I was just sending random snaps to my new friends and had no clue who they were but maybe their faces will look familiar in class now. The two images I screen shot of my own is the hummingbird i found at work on thursday it was sick and died. 😦  The other is the song I hear while at the gym by Future “Trap Niggas”. The other two was by classmates of the new season the walking dead and other classmate what appears to be studying. Between Instagram, periscope, and snapchat I could definitely say snapchat is the best app for me. They are all the same in the way that each is for everyone to see as an audience. Moreover iI like the difference of snapchat in the way that I can CHOOSE who I want to send it to, and also on my story when I choose to send it to everyone. As for artist history of dialogue I am a strong believer that everything in todays society is just a more advanced technological setting of societies past.


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