Wk. 7- Classmate Conversation- Omar Hernandez

Omar is currently a sophomore and a transfer student from cerritos college. Its nice to know someone that came in the same route as you did. Its also a coincidence that we both went to the same high school bet never once did we see each other. He is a psychology major and just fulfilling a G.E. just like I am. He wishes to become a counselor because of personal experiences that misguided him into bad paths. He wishes to help kids stay away from trouble and create plans that can prepare them for collegiate level. Hobbies include drawing, writing music, going to concerts and drinking(carefully of course). A new page in his book is that he just recently moved out with some friends and has been living life for the moment but is not letting it get in his way of academics. He is 21 which adds to his fun and so am I maybe one day well link up and get some drinks.



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