Wk.8 -Activity- Mobile Public Art (Somebody)

For this weeks activity we had the choice to download somebody app or comment on someones response to an artist conversation. Initially I had no friends or even know what button to select to enable the process. I could not take a screenshot of recent activity due to technological issues; however, I did finally get friends only because of the friends I made on snapchat. On thursday everyone looked confused and I assume everyone waited until last minute for this project and it besieged me from continuing on composing a message. Then it happen! šŸ˜€ After I friended classmates the messages I composed were just waiting to get picked up by someone close by. I thought it was cool that it says the person is 100 ft away. I had fun with the app but honestly I think it is not going to be a big hit. In addition, I believe if it was not for the activity then no one would be using this in our art class. I never thought about creating my own app but after this app I think it would be a cool idea to make this to a dating app. To have a conversationĀ then meet up on campus for those out there who are shy to approach people in person. It is not similar to snapchat nor Instagram. However it is different where as someone boldly, a stranger, is prepared to carry out a task for an individual.


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