Wk.8- Artist Conversation- Mimi Haddon


Merlino Gallery

Professional websites for photography: http://www.mimihaddon.com

IG: @mimihaddon

Mimi Haddon

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a 49er alumni! Mimi received her bachelors in design in 1994. Years of hours behind a desk she decided to pursue her passion. This is Mimis first semester obtaining her masters in fine arts, option in fiber arts. Mother of two kids from Santa Monica, she works as a photographer, yet finds the time to fulfill her dreams. Mimis art consist of T-shirt yarn. She describes the process as, “dissecting and grouping elements from t-shirts.”

The name of her art on thursdays gallery is: conversations between strangers. She chose to pursue option in fiber arts because she enjoyed hands on material rather then what the other options had to offer. The second photograph shows the edging of t-shirts transformed into an art display. An aspect I enjoyed learning about Mimi is that she gathers her t-shirts from goodwill and manages her free time with family doing something they all love. During the conversation she said she would cut out the cotton pieces from a t-shirt, while her sons gave it a long stretch.

Inspired by Phyllis Galmbo and Charles Freger, I can understand the meaning and purpose of her work. She explains how her mood is a big influence on which color shirts she will purchase. She said while in a good mood she will use bright neon colors and when she’s not in a good mood she uses dark colors. I would compare this to how I feel when a bad mood I don’t really care what I wear. However when I am in a good mood I seem to be picky one what colors I wear.

What intrigued me the most was the meaning behind the title of her work. While exploring more ideas and opportunities  she thought in depth what really was going on within the art. She gave it this title because since she purchases the material at a goodwill store, she imagines strangers, donators, forming together for a piece of art. I wish Mimi Haddon the best in her masters and hope to hear some of her work famously known with a ridicules price tag.


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