Wk. 9- Activity- Transmedia Storytelling

wk.9 wk.91

After Personal Discussion with Tony Nguyen I have concluded who my character will be, as well as Tonys.

Character Analysis 

Alberto Barajas

After the video showed in class on tuesday I got really sentimental and knew right away who my character would be. As I was growing up I always wondered how life would be if my father was still around. Without getting to personal I lost my dad. So what better character then to make the number one dad as seen on periscope and Instagram on the pictures above. So who is my character ? My character is number one dad, Alberto Barajas. With goals and desires to complete a house hold. To put together the broken pieces and make my family whole again. With a background in a major of chemistry my father can single handedly figure any problem out. The post of Instagram show number one dad watching the football game and getting a haircut while also exploring periscope world with three followers.

So the what if story goes as follows. Dad comes knocking on the door, as soon as mom sees him coming in she is in disbelief following a broken glass shattering into pieces. A utopia world where a family of 4 go out into exploring new idea and activities with an loving atmosphere. Happiness. A life where my mother can dance with my father one last time as I start my own life.

I like this activity because I get to bring my dad back. How would my life be if he was still here? I cant let this assignment beat me up about it but the idea of this blog is just great. Thanks for the memories you played back into my heart Glenn…


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