Wk.9- Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley

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Website: http://www.maccabeeshelley.com

Facebook: Maccabee Shelley


During class on tuesday, Art 110 was fortunate enough to have Maccabee as a guest speaker. I knew then that on thursday I was definitely going to use Maccabee as my artist conversation. As a previous student of Glenn, Maccabee encouraged us to follow our passion with several useful tips that will help us find what it is we are passionate about. On thursday I had the opportunity to witness some of his beautiful work. His art consisted of an array of contrasting colors. He informed the visitors that most of the material found in his work are either found laying around or free. He identified suitcases as one of his main materials that he uses, then alters it into artwork. Initially Shelley was an environmental science major but then pursued his passion in art.

Maccabee described in depth the procedures taken to combine two art works into one. He said while making his art pieces he has no idea what the end game is going to be. Meaning he has no clue of the outcome. Just as the bottle he brought to show the class, he had no idea that the tip of the bottle was going to give it its artistic curve. In addition, he flips his materials after burning them so it can melt over to its side. He is exploring art through a different perspective in which he is showing everyday materials into art in galleries.

Everyday I walk from class to class there has to be at least ten recyclable objects just laying around. The idea of transforming useless junk into a art piece that people make efforts into witnessing. I highly appreciate that Maccabee is some what of an artist that recycles. From my perspective as well as other green earth individuals, this type of art can actually be its own category of art. For example, materials that I no longer use I still make purpose for them. In the other hand, people would just add to hazard environment.

Maccabee became overwhelmed with all the students throwing questions at him, so he stepped back and gave himself space.(HAHA) It was quiet funny because while everyone was taking their picture of him for the activity, he took pictures back for his website. In addition some background consist of his interest in ceramics nine years ago. He grew up in San Francisco but then moved to Long Beach. He wishes to create a wish list for more materials for his art work. This was his third gallery and his fourth semester at the beach.

Name of show : Fragile Future


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