Wk. 10- Activity- Game Design (Geocaching)

wk.9 act wk.9.1

Find my Geocaching :GC666N7, Live Up!: http://coord.info/GC666N

This weeks activity was a tough one. At first I wasn’t too sure of what the assignment was asking; however, after downloading the app, the rest was easy. The images above are confirmation of coordinates and an image of what my “geocaching” consisted of. Living in the city of Paramount, I chose to hide my souvenirs within driving distance.

wk.9 ar wk.9 1 wk.9 ne

The image above are confirmations of my findings as well as where I located the “geocaching”.  I found some neat little souvenir objects including buttons. Although the materials are little of value, the experience of this activity was a priceless journey.

Blog my experience : The two experiences were a bit more challenging then anticipated. Although I had to get on my laptop to submit my Geocache, It didn’t seem to be challenging at all. It was really fun and different I would recommend this to anyone that wants to try something new. So while the second part of this activity was easy, the second part was a bit more challenging only because the location on the app was not exact. In fact I had to message to make sure I was in the right area. Moreover, the supplies I found were two houses were it said it would be. Great activity Glenn lets do some more extra credit opportunities!

The url for my Cache page is  : http://coord.info/GC666N7


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