Wk.10- Artist Conversation- Matthew Dumpit

wk.10 swd  wk.10 conv

Gallery: Werby-Gallery

Website: Currently no Website, or social web

Matthew Dumpit

This week I had the pleasure to meet artist Matthew Dumpit. It was a bit funny because I confused Matthew for a classmate. This is Matthews first gallery and its suffice to say it was the best art work presented on thursday. The formal qualities of his work consist of straight lines. The materials used consist of wires such as: welding wire, coper, and brass. The color of all his work were the materials original color. The metal is initially straight but along the process of his art, Matthew bends the metal to complete his work.

wk.10 ws wk.10 ac

Took Matthew 6 months to complete the chair(finest work yet)

During visiting the gallery the chair on top is my favorite work from Matthew. During the artist conversation he informed us that the inspiration for his work is from little wire houses in Oakland. Originally from the bay area, he talks about sites back home then continue to inspire his work. During the conversation I discovered what he is trying to explore. Emotions start his work then once the process initiates, he losses himself in his work. In short, the meaning of his work is expression of motion and how he  interacts with them

While looking at other small fragile pieces of work, I realized how precise and careful an art major has to be. Matthews work resonate my own ideas in the way of implementing emotions into our work. For example, good emotions show good actions. On the other hand bad emotions advocate bad actions. Matthew said he did not name each of his work that was displayed onto the wall, because he knows what emotions advocated him to do which work. So as I walked around looking at his work I tried to uncover which emotion he was undergoing.

Ever since elementary school Matthew knew what he wanted to do which is why he is now a senior at CSULB. After he completes school he says wants to get into design. If this is his first gallery, surely Matthew has the skill become something big! I still find it difficult to process that the chair was made by only metal(by hand)!


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