Wk.10- Classmate Conversation- Steven Gonzalez

wk.10 e  wk.9 con

Link to Steven Gonzalez : https://stevenjgonzalez.wordpress.com/

 For this weeks classmate conversation I interviewed Steven Gonzalez. Steven is a second year at CSULB as a  sociology major. During our conversation he stopped me and asked me if I had Kinesiology 263. More then half way through the semester, I realized I do have Steven for both classes. Steven hobbies consist playing video games(COD) and going out with friends. Something in common we have is that we both had braces. So we talked about the pain when they tighten our wires to move our teeth. Steven hopes to become some what of a counselor or anywhere in which he can help people follow a correct path. He said he doubts he would continue graduate school but still has two years to change his mind if he has too. Cool personality and hope to hang out some more, in this class as well as Kin 263.

QOTW : if you can eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be ?

Although it was not talked in class, on Glenns question of the week website. “briannablog” mentioned what I think is a good question. Stevens answer is unlimited burgers from Mcdonalds haha. My answer is boiling crab! Everyones must try it it is so delicious!


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