Week.11- Activity- Wall Hanging

wk.11Beginning          Product wk.11 we

On Glenns homepage a controversial topic is upheld. On the webpage it states, “When you say “Art”, many people think of Painting.”  I for one can agree that this quote is very true. If your like me, when the term “art” is brought upon I immediately think a painting from Pablo Picasso. Its week eleven in Art 110 and if theres anything I can take from class, is that art comes in any shape and form.

This weeks assignment encouraged the classroom to perform in their own art. The first image above is a picture of a regular closet rod that was laying in my backyard waiting to get thrown away. Since my room was made without a closet, I decided to combine the rail with wall hanger diagonally right above my door. Since the coil in the inside is broken I tighten the rod with yarn so it can withstand weight. In addition to the rod one corner end was missing. To cope with the issue I used a rubber corner of my kitchen chair.

The end product consist of a heavy duty duo consisting a wall hanging and door hanging product. The image above shows the product to carry two ties, hat, belt and hangers to hang clothes.  This product will definitely be useful because I can finally hang clothes up instead of having to fold them. I am thinking that at the opposite corner I will put another wall hanging just to have more room to put up anything i need.

What I tried to make work perfectly. The only issue I had was making sure the two pieces sticked together so it can withstand the weights I would be hanging. So why is it that we automatically assume a painting when we talk of art? If it was not for the piece of yarn I used, there would be no purpose of my wall hanging product. Without fiber art the product would be incomplete. The fiber intertwined the theme of this project. That is what art is, the theme. What is the purpose of the work? The purpose was the art of fiber and its theme to making the wall hanging product.  Some will say I am wrong that not all theme have a purpose, however it is my belief that the majority will at very least have a background of its theme.


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  1. None of your pictures are showing up. Please look into this.


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