Week.11 -Artist Conversation- Kathy Yoon

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Artist: Kathy Yoon

Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Link to Website IG: @kathy.c.yoon

Title of work: “So many M’es”

This weeks artist conversation was with Kathy Yoon. Kathy is a senior at CSULB from Cypress city. Materials used in Kathy’s work consist of coiling clay, under glaze and some yarn. Kathy’s art portray an array of emotions within the same character in different art pieces. The different pieces of art display  the emotions Kathy has felt throughout this fall semester.

Since Kathy was a young  she loved making things. She loved crafts and drawing throughout Jr. High and High School. Once she got into college she took classes of drawing as an elective and fell in love with art. Now she is currently a semester away from her BFA in ceramics! In addition, an inspiration for her passion is the setting and events that happen around her within the past 6 months.

Moreover, in our conversation she personally explained the true meaning behind her art. If the artist was not present during the exhibition anyone could have guessed wrong of the meaning behind the creations. I asked if she would mined discussing about the art displayed with the character holding the ballon. She was a bit embarrassed at first, but then disclosed the chapter in her life of her falling in love!(: She believes that important phases in someones life should be kept forever; therefore, she relives and explores precious moments through art.

As a transfer from Cypress College, she did not think would major in anywhere in the arts. As her first exhibition, it is obvious that she is pursing what she loves because she is sticking to something she is really good at. I can relate into Kathy’s work because I believe our emotions shape who we are. For example, if I found love I can picture myself holding a ballon as well. Lastly, When she mentioned to hopefully get into animation, I knew that is exactly where she belongs. Great Job Kathy !


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