Week. 11- LBG Extra-Credit- Geocaching

Extra-credit up to 5 Geocaches!  ’50 points’

1st geo geo 1 react

This first Geocache I attempted to catch was  in the engineering building. The gps that led me there was no help at all. I found myself walking back and fourth trying to figure out where is my final destination. After Realizing that some of the comments said it was located by the back stairs I found it! The picture provided show the hint xoxo right behind me. Unfortunately the altoid  container was no where to be found. After I jotted down my capture and wrote about it on the comments, I was having fun and I was eager to see what I could find next.

geo 2 geo 22 geo 222

The second geocache of the day was right outside of the horn center. The hint said fire extinguisher and as I walked over there was no clue of an altoid box. As I walked around I kicked some leaves and discovered the box! After I successfully found this one I wrote down my name and discovered neat things inside the container! (: The picture above is me holding the sheet by the fire extinguisher.

geo 3 geo 333 geo 3333

My third geocache was amusing because it was fromt Glenn himself! Glenn gave a hint saying no rollerblading no skateboarding. When I looked up by the parking structure there it was. I found it kind of distraught that I didnt find the altoid can. After about ten minutes of looking I realized Glenn  hid it behind the sign with a magnet! Good trick Glenn! The photos show a few goodies inside Glenn’s altoid can.

geo 3333 g3o 44 geo5

The fourth Geocache was the hardest ! The gps on this was way off! However I found it after looking for thirty minutes. The picture shows the sneaky hiding spot and what I found inside the altoid can. I walked all around the first floor to discover that when I found it it was right in the entrance of the parking lot. Great hiding spot glad I didn’t give up.

geo7 geo8 geo9

Finally the last Geocache was by the CBA building. There is a tunnel right next to where this is located so I walked straight through. My gps told me I have gone to far so turned back to this emergency call. After looking for the altoid can I grew frustrated. As I searched, the farther I walked away I started to notice a red tin attached to the bottom of the emergency call. I signed my name and made my way to my car! Was a long search but glad I found the Geocache.

wk.11 sds wk.11 jnd

The happy faces shown on the photo above, are where the geocaches I collected were located. The picture on the right confirm 5 out of seven Geocaches I tracked. Above each summary shows images of me clicking “log it”. The gps system was a great deal of help; however, the coded information made sure that where I was passing trough took me one step cloesr to the Geocache.  I enjoyed this extra-credit very much and the expedition it took me all over campus.

Thanks for the extra credit !!


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