Wk.12- Activity- ePortfolio

wk.12djf   Before (very unprofessional)

wk.12 acti wk.12 ac After (professional)

This weeks activity gave us the opportunity to create a new and improved ePortfolio. Initially I had little to no knowledge on how much we can customize and choose a theme. Instructions included we insert a before and after photo of or WordPress website. The goal for my website is to look professional, in the case that anyone is to look me up or get to know me better. For example, before getting hired or even applying to graduate school there is a chance they may want to google my name. This website can come up as a surprise and impress the school or job I am applying for. Moreover, my audience is towards anything that can benefit my perception. I wish to communicate that I am a mature young man that is serious and ready for business. I will achieve this by displaying my WordPress as professional as possible. The before picture is a straight forward unprofessional page that can be seen as a unworthy graduate applicant or employee. The after picture shows a well thought out website in which can be taking into consideration as a mature or worthy applicant.


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