Wk.12- Artist Conversation- Christopher Michael Linquata

act.12 a act.12 b wk.12 c wk.12 d

Instagram : Icon5350


This gallery I got to meet amazing artist Christopher who is 38 years old. He is currently pursuing his MFA in representational painting/drawing at CSULB. The paintings consist mainly of acrylic. I noticed in all of these photos there is a man with a hat and long beard. He portrays himself in his paintings as a deviant passed out and tagging by the beach. The paintings formed by acrylic are the best paintings I have seen during these past fifth-teen weeks of Art 110.

The message and ideas on Christopher’s mind are his own ideas. Most of the paintings at the gallery were located at the beach. During the conversation he informed us that the setting of the images are at San Pedro. The messages and ideas are just what fascinates him. A big advocate for Christopher is the inspiration the renaissance period played towards his work.

Christopher’s work can be viewed by a universal perspective in which the nature of the work is to value the moment. The art he makes are valuable moments he experienced in his life. The man in the paintings look exactly like him in person! I myself have never drew anything, so through artwork I cant compare an experience; however, I can resonate to the ideas of valuing the moment and cherishing the time we have on earth.

Along the conversation Christopher informed us that he was at CSUN teaching to improve his art skills. The amount of dedication and precision it takes for the quality of his art is beyond difficult. It is sound to say that his art work is one in a million. I asked Chris which painting was his favorite and he chose the first painting to the left of the gallery. That is how I know that Art is really his passion because that painting showed him tagging at the beautiful beach with a perfect view.


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