Wk.12- extra credit- 3 best/worst

Once again Glenn surprises us with some more extra credit!

Top three activities for me go as follows

wk.12 acti  1. ePortfolio

geo 3 2. Geocache

wk.11 we 3. Fiber art

I chose these three because initially they included more hands on. I think the best activity was the WordPress ePortfolio because it also allowed us to contribute our time to making ourselves look more professional. Also the assignment was fun! Geocaching was really cool too because it allowed me to stash something that overtime many people will across. Lastly the fiber art activity actually came to be very useable. In the picture we can see just how useful this came out to be.

My three least favorite activities are

  1. Trans media Storytelling

2. Periscope

3. Snapchat

simply because I did not find them as interesting as the others, more of a drag 😦


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