Wk.13- Artist Conversation-Tyler Turett

Tyler’s Website: http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation

This week I got to experience a more entertaining form of art within the past thirteen weeks. The artist of the exhibition is Tyler Turett and he creates cartoons. His show took place in Gatov East. His work consist of 3D backgrounds and 2D characters. The main materials he uses within his art are programs!

Programs used are photoshop and after effects. The picture provided above is an illustration of one of his characters. He enjoys making these characters such as funny frogs, aliens, or anything with a sense of humor. Throughout the process he draws the character over 20 times until he finally realizes that his character is perfect. He says one of his hardest goals are making mouths because after the drawing he has to make the voice projections.

In addition to many successful stories Tyler transferred from a community college three years ago then came to the beach! He then took a class in animation in which he found is passion.   Along the conversation he informed the group that one of his biggest inspirations is Disney and his favorite characters come from Toy Story.

What I personally walked out with is that Art has many regions. This region I enjoyed most from the thirteen weeks of galleries. Some are in depth while others are just broad. Along side the Artist was a room that showed the characters in action. I thought to myself wow. The creator of these characters is the Artist I just interviewed. Good luck Tyler I know you have the skill set to perform in the Hollywood word.

I also took the liberty to check out his website, really cool check it out!

link above.


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