Wk.13-Classmate Conversation-Eva Drexler

wk.13 arts Meet Eva Drexler   WordPress: Eva Drexler

This week I got the opportunity to meet Eva! This is Eva’s second year at CSULB. It was a cool experience meeting someone in the same major as myself. After she graduates with a major in health science, she wishes to obtain a career in public health. Since I am barley stepping in the door of Health Science I have yet to have any classes with her; however we will be taking HSC 423 next semester. Eva is from the bay area and now dorms with three roommates. Some hobbies include going to the beach and mainly hanging out with some friends.

Nice meeting you Eva!

Question of the week: “How do you feel about Art thirteen week ago, and now?” At first Eva was nervous to speak with other students then blogging it. After the third week she was comfortable and now is her favorite class. 


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