Wk.14 -Artist Conversation-Lourdes Martinez

Lourdes only had one piece of art in the Merlino-Gallery. The only thoughts going on in my head was what is image of? Later I found out that it is a zoomed in piece of earth photo. As I walked by I thought she was in our class but she was the actual Artist. Young but talented this artist thinks outside of the box.

Lourdes said that science amuses her. She is enrolled in CSULB and a Art student. Inspired by astronomer she is very precise when it comes to the explanation behind her art.  She informed the crowd that she researched the astronomers work and is where she mainly gets her drive into making her art. The materials used are what we can see from the image i displayed above. Seems as printed out paper squished between two plastic panels.

Unfortunately she has no website available, but says she will be working on one. I thought to myself,”what is she trying to get through this type of art?” I then learned that the science based background is where her passion truly lays. The art aspect of it is just expression from within the work. I hope that she decides to attack her science area of passion more eagerly so I can see what other aspects of Earth she can cover.

After looking harder with a broad thinking, I could tell the art was more of a piece of fabric. It is obvious Lourdes has more information within science that she wishes to discover. I hope you go with your passion Lourdes! Thank you for an awesome show.


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