Wk.14-Classmate Conversation-Bryan Hernandez & Cesar Torres

wk 14 Wordpress: Cesar Torres

This week Glenn stitched it up a little bit. This week we were instructed to get together with a group of 3 and discuss the question of the week, as well as getting to know each other. Bryan is currently a sophomore and is thinking of switching his major to psychology. While on the other hand Cesar is a psychology in his third year at CSULB. We learned several interesting things about each other. Bryan is competing a EMT course that is gonna allow him to become a EMT and gather experience for graduate school. Cesar is looking into his future to understand what it is that he needs to complete now to make it easier for himself. Cool fact is that we all enjoy being outdoors and live in Downey! 

This weeks question of the week, “what art has had the biggest impact on your life?”

Cesar answered that the artist with portraits at the pier motivated him to continue his passion and paint on the side. Bryan’s biggest impact was the animation artist for Wk.13 because he was always interested in what route can that career lead to.

wk.14 print Wordpress: Bryan Hernandez


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